What does it mean?

No, I’m not a “Wessi” who works in the East. Well, maybe the other way around, but that has nothing to do with me. I also have no idea who has allowed himself to publish such a meaningless article on Wikipedia!? My nickname is so old, when it was created there was no Wikipedia. There was NO internet!

Yes I know, we all love portmanteaux and find them funny too, but let’s be honest now… don’t people have anything better to do? To sell breakfast and lunch as brunch I can still understand, but to make a Wossi out of “Wessi” and “Ossi” is almost insulting.

I’m really proud of my nickname and i only want to have it tainted by statements like this. That is why I would like to clear the matter up and talk about it one last time.

So, what does the name Wossi mean?

It’s actually quite simple: The name Wossi is the short form of my family name. That’s all. It has nothing to do with West and East Germany or with the old federal states. It’s not a Chinese magic word or anything like that. Just my nickname since I can remember. So, I hope I could clear up all misunderstandings.

Good night.