Stop posting sh*t

About 2 weeks ago I was looking for a solution to a problem. I found all sorts of things. Forum posts, videos on Youtube, and even websites that had created individual pages with a solution to this problem. The videos described exactly the same thing that was written in the forums and on the websites. But there was something strange about this solution. Still, I wanted to give it a try.

It fixed the problem, but the solution was not clean. Afterwards, I found that by doing it this way, the usability was no longer there.

It was just so poorly implemented and no one noticed. The authors of the websites apparently had no idea and the content creators on Youtube just copied this solution to generate clicks once again. The worst thing, however, was that the audience was absolutely thrilled by it and celebrated the author as the hero. What is happening in this world?

No one seems to think about anything anymore. The quality sinks into the bottomless pit. So at this point perhaps my call:

Please stop spreading sh*t on the Internet, otherwise we’ll all have it on our shoes at some point.