YouTube No-Cookie URL
Custom Domain for WordPress Pages
If you want to use a domain for a WordPress page, add the following snippet to your .htaccess before the WordPress section.
Change Field Name in Advanced Custom Fields
You have created a field in Advanced Custom Fields Plugin and have already saved data in it. You want to rename the field and your data is no longer visible in the backend? No problem. Log into PHPMyAdmin and run the following commands.
Detect a WordPress Development Environment
To set the environment variable add this to your .htaccess file
No Post in Elementor Posts Widget
Add this snippet to your functions.php to show a message if no posts found in Elementor Posts Widget.
Delete Media Files from WordPress Database
Defer Loading Background Images
Add this to your <head> section… …and this before </body> tag…
Preload Fonts for Google PageSpeed Insights
Javascript Browser Check
Google Chrome Microsoft Internet Explorer Microsoft Edge Safari Mozilla Firefox Chromium Edge
Redirect all URLs to another Domain
Show Future Posts in Frontend
Disable WordPress Updates
Add this to your wp-config.php
Remove Google Fonts from Elementor completely
Fix Autoscroll on Elementor
If you use a sticky header with anchor links, there is one problem since Elementor 3.0 was released. Everything is fine, if you have a single one page layout. But when you have subpages and use your anchor links also in the main navigation, then you will have some trouble. You’re on a subpage and […]
Overwrite Stylesheets in WordPress
Use these methods to overwrite existing stylesheets and you no longer have to use !important for your sections. Header Scripts Footer Scripts
Ultimate WordPress .htaccess File
The ultimate .htaccess of WordPress looks like this one. Optional Snippets
Zoom-In Animation… One by One
Ok, put that Javascript snippet on your site. The code above will add a class on your elements, if the user scroll down on your site and the element is in the viewport.Don’t forget to style the elements, to make the effect more fancy.
Human Readability Time Function
You need a function to publish your date like “1 hour ago”, “3 days ago” or something like that? No problem. Here is my way to do that.
Elementor Font Awesome 5 Pro Support (Self-Hosted)
Actually, this variant is already obsolete, if not already deprecated. However, I use this method in some projects. If e.g. Font Awesome 5 Pro has already been purchased and there is no access to the CDN. With the integration of the u.g. Code snippets in the functions.php, there is still the possibility to use the […]
CSS Flip Animation
Here is a little flip animation that I like to use in dropdowns at my navigations.
CSS Hamburger Menu
A really nice Hamburg menu button. Simple and yet so brilliant.First the basic framework with HTML: … and then a little bit of CSS: Now we can simply swap classes with the OnClick event via jQuery and marvel at the magic. Mmh, yummi. 🙂
WordPress Rest API
First we need to add the following code to our functions.php. Then we can create a simple form and process the request via Javascript. Alternatively, you can also call the following URL directly in the browser:
Custom Cursor with CSS
Sometimes a simple mouse pointer (cursor) is not enough. Then something of your own has to be found. Replacing the cursors with another graphic is in many cases insufficient or leads to compatibility problems in other browsers. We need something better! First of all we need some HTML code: Then we give the elements their […]
Force WWW Redirect with SSL
If the domain is called without SSL (i.e. “https: //”) or no “www.” before that, the forwarding takes place to an SSL domain with WWW.
Popup with Cookie Timeout
We need a popup. After it has been closed, it should no longer be displayed for the next hour. So the problem could be solved relatively easily.
Export Construct 2 Project as Android APK
In order to export a project from Construct 2 as an APK under Windows, the following steps are necessary. First we have to (if not already available) Android Studio, NodeJS and the Java SE Runtime Environment to install. After the installation we open the command line CMD, change to our hard drive “C: \” and […]
Cordova Fullscreen App in Android Studio
I have just generated my first APK for Android and now I want to use my app in full screen mode. However, I have the problem that I cannot hide the navigation bar of the device.The solution is relatively simple. A small adjustment in app/res/xml/config.xml should solve the problem. Just add the following code. In […]
Allow WordPress Editors to edit Menus
It often happens that customers want to do their own thing in the dashboard (or backend) of WordPress. In the course of this, it may be necessary to enable the editor to edit menus. All you have to do is add the following lines to your functions.php.
Get WordPress Menu Items as Array
That is my solution! 😉
Rename WordPress Database after Domain Transfer
It happens that you have to transfer a WordPress project into the live environment after development. After the move you are faced with the problem that the old URL is still in the database. The project is therefore not accessible via the new domain. However, it is relatively easy to replace the old domain with […]
Use ACF fields in Yoast SEO as template variable
If you want to use the content of a user-defined field of the ACF plugin (Advanced Custom Fields) in the Yoast SEO Plugin, you can easily pass the value to Yoast as a template variable. It is therefore possible to use the content of the field in the SEO snippet as a title or meta […]
WordPress Post Query
Show posts in WordPress … probably the best option! Filter by taxonomy If you want to filter by taxonomy, you can add the following code before passing the query variable to get_posts.
My WordPress Plugins
I work a lot professionally and also in my free time with WordPress. I have known this CMS since the release of version 2.3 in 2007. In the meantime, I cannot imagine a better system for myself and my customers. It can be easily and quickly expanded using plugins. If you have the certain technical […]
iOS Hover Fix / Double-Tap Problem
iPad and iPhone sometimes have the so-called “Double tap” problem. The problem occurs together with the CSS selector “: hover”. The iOS interprets the mouseover effect, which actually does not exist on mobile devices. There is a simple solution: just copy the following code into the <head> area of the page. Alternatively, the two snippets […]
CSS Selector Hack for Internet Explorer 11
If the properties of a CSS selector should only be valid for Internet Explorer 11, then we use the following instruction …
CSS Selector Hack for Microsoft Edge Browser
If the properties of a CSS selector should only be valid for the Microsoft Edge browser, then we use the following instruction …
WordPress Login without Database Access
Ok, the following scenario: We received a wordpress project from a customer. The customer does not have administrator access to the backend. The former developer of the project is no longer available and the password for the database is not known. The only access is the connection to the FTP server. How can you still […]
CSS Transition Callback
Call a Javascript function as soon as CSS transition has ended … … or, wait until CSS animation has run through …
Phonetic Alphabet
When I want to spell a word on the phone, in most cases I use words that come to mind. All well and good … well, maybe not! The Phonetic Alphabet is actually meant for this. So that I always have my personal spelling board or radio alphabet at hand, here is the complete list. […]
CSS Font Weights
The “font-weight” attribute defines the thickness of the font in CSS. Some fonts can only be displayed in bold or normal. Other fonts provide a more precise definition with a numeric value. The following list shows the numerical value for the appropriate keyword: 100 Thin, Hairline, Ultra-light, Extra-light 200 Light 300 Book 400 Regular, Normal, […]
1 Pixel Transparent GIF
Somehow I always used a transparent pixel … no idea why?! Before you start your CorelDraw (or Photoshop), here is a solution in base64 format.
base64 Scanlines
Sometimes you can use scanlines quite well … but in most cases you would have to use a graphics program to create the things. Fortunately, this can also be done with a few lines of code. Black Scanlines 1 Pixel Version 1 Pixel Version White Scanlines 2 Pixel Version 2 Pixel Version Don’t forget to […]
Responsive Images
My default styles for images… The HTML part…
Clear DNS Cache in Google Chrome Browser
Sometimes it is helpful to clear the DNS cache in the browser. In Google Chrome you just have to open a new tab, enter the following in the address bar and confirm with ENTER. Then simply click on the button and empty the DNS cache.
Blank HTML5 Template (Boilerplate)
A useful HTML5 boilerplate…
Hardware Setup [WiP]
… for everyone who is interested. Here you can find my current hardware. Internal Intel® Core™ i7-4770K HASWELL @ 4x 3.50GHz 16GB DDR3 PC1600 WD RED (3TB), Seagate (2TB), Western Digital (2TB) Sandisk SSD (256GB) + Samsung 850 Pro (512GB) ASUS GeForce GTX660 DirectCU II @ 2048MB GDDR5 MSI GTX1060 Gaming X @ 6144MB GDDR5 […]