Fix Autoscroll on Elementor

If you use a sticky header with anchor links, there is one problem since Elementor 3.0 was released. Everything is fine, if you have a

Overwrite Stylesheets in WordPress

Use these methods to overwrite existing stylesheets and you no longer have to use !important for your sections. Header Scripts Footer Scripts

Zoom-In Animation… One by One

Ok, put that Javascript snippet on your site. The code above will add a class on your elements, if the user scroll down on your

Human Readability Time Function

You need a function to publish your date like “1 hour ago”, “3 days ago” or something like that? No problem. Here is my way

CSS Flip Animation

Here is a little flip animation that I like to use in dropdowns at my navigations.

CSS Hamburger Menu

A really nice Hamburg menu button. Simple and yet so brilliant.First the basic framework with HTML: … and then a little bit of CSS: Now

WordPress Rest API

First we need to add the following code to our functions.php. Then we can create a simple form and process the request via Javascript. Alternatively,

Custom Cursor with CSS

Sometimes a simple mouse pointer (cursor) is not enough. Then something of your own has to be found. Replacing the cursors with another graphic is

Force WWW Redirect with SSL

If the domain is called without SSL (i.e. “https: //”) or no “www.” before that, the forwarding takes place to an SSL domain with WWW.

Popup with Cookie Timeout

We need a popup. After it has been closed, it should no longer be displayed for the next hour. So the problem could be solved

WordPress Post Query

Show posts in WordPress … probably the best option! Filter by taxonomy If you want to filter by taxonomy, you can add the following code

My WordPress Plugins

I work a lot professionally and also in my free time with WordPress. I have known this CMS since the release of version 2.3 in

iOS Hover Fix / Double-Tap Problem

iPad and iPhone sometimes have the so-called “Double tap” problem. The problem occurs together with the CSS selector “: hover”. The iOS interprets the mouseover

WordPress Login without Database Access

Ok, the following scenario: We received a wordpress project from a customer. The customer does not have administrator access to the backend. The former developer

CSS Transition Callback

Call a Javascript function as soon as CSS transition has ended … … or, wait until CSS animation has run through …

Phonetic Alphabet

When I want to spell a word on the phone, in most cases I use words that come to mind. All well and good …

CSS Font Weights

The “font-weight” attribute defines the thickness of the font in CSS. Some fonts can only be displayed in bold or normal. Other fonts provide a

1 Pixel Transparent GIF

Somehow I always used a transparent pixel … no idea why?! Before you start your CorelDraw (or Photoshop), here is a solution in base64 format.

base64 Scanlines

Sometimes you can use scanlines quite well … but in most cases you would have to use a graphics program to create the things. Fortunately,

Hardware Setup [WiP]

… for everyone who is interested. Here you can find my current hardware. Internal Intel® Core™ i7-4770K HASWELL @ 4x 3.50GHz 16GB DDR3 PC1600 WD