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Hi. This is me. I'm Wossi.

Rico Wosnitzka (also known as Wossi) is a German web and game developer, digital artist and multimedia producer. Based in Austria since 2009. He loves pixel art, the 80s, Synthwave and also his creative solutions. Currently working full-time with clubdrei.

Sometimes, he need a place to be… so, here it is!

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Customize WordPress Login Errors

Type the following code snippet in your functions.php add_filter(‘login_errors’, function () { return __(‘Access Denied!’); }, 99);


Enable MySQL STRICT Mode: set global sql_mode = ‘STRICT_TRANS_TABLES’; Disable MySQL STRICT Mode: set global sql_mode = ”;

CSS font-weight

100 Thin, Hairline, Ultra-light, Extra-light 200 Light 300 Book 400 Regular, Normal, Plain, Roman, Standard 500 Medium 600 Semi-bold, Demi-bold 700 Bold 800 Heavy, Black,

CSS Flip Rotation Entrance

selector { animation: flip-rotation .75s ease forwards; } @keyframes flip-rotation { 0% { opacity: 0; transform: translateY(45px) rotate3d(1, 1, 0, 45deg); } 100% { opacity:

CSS Hack for IE11 only

Use the following CSS rule for IE11 only. This works also for SCSS nested rules. _:-ms-fullscreen, :root .selector {   property: value; }

How to find all links on a website

Open the developer console of your browser and run the following command: urls = document.querySelectorAll(‘a’); for (url in urls) console.log(urls[url].href);

Elementor – Customize Flatpickr (Date and Time)

jQuery(document).ready(function($) { function waitForFlatpicker(callback) { if (typeof window.flatpickr !== ‘function’) { setTimeout(function() { waitForFlatpicker(callback); }, 100); } callback(); } waitForFlatpicker(function() { if (typeof flatpickr ===

Detect scroll direction with plain JavaScript

var position = document.documentElement.scrollTop; document.addEventListener(‘scroll’, function() { var scroll = document.documentElement.scrollTop; if (scroll > position) { console.log(‘down’); } else { console.log(‘up’); } position = scroll;

Open all external links in a new window

var externalLinks = document.querySelectorAll(‘a’); function handleExternalLinks(e) { e.preventDefault(); window.open(this.href); } externalLinks.forEach(function(externalLink) { if(externalLink.host !== location.host && externalLink.getAttribute(‘href’).indexOf(‘javascript:’) !== 0) { externalLink.addEventListener(‘click’, handleExternalLinks); } });

.htaccess force SSL

RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R=301,L]

Google Analytics – “not provided” Filter

…unter “Datenansicht” auf “Filter” klicken und “Filter hinzufügen” wählen. Folgende Einstellungen übernehmen: Filtername: “not provided” (oder so ähnlich) Filtertyp: Benutzerdefiniert » Erweitert Feld A ->

DayZ Standalone – FPS Performance Guide

…um für DayZ (Standalone Version) die Performance zu verbessern und zu optimieren, kann man folgendes versuchen: Einstellungen im Options-Menü anpassen Field of View: Standard-Wert wird

MySQL Search & Replace String

This is a simple MySQL string to search and replace whatever you want. UPDATE table SET column = REPLACE(column, ‘pattern’, ‘replace’) WHERE column LIKE ‘%pattern%’

Ubuntu Terminal – Install HAL

Open the terminal and type the following commands to install HAL on Ubuntu: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mjblenner/ppa-hal sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install hal

Ubuntu Localhost – Install ionCube Loader

Download the *.tgz files from http://www.ioncube.com/loaders.php. Open the terminal (Strg + Alt + T) and input the following command: tar -zxvf loader-wizard.tgz Open ionCube Loader

Windows Suche

Wildcards (Platzhalter) ? ersetzt ein Zeichen * ersetzt beliebig viele Zeichen “” exakter Wortlaut. Dateierkennung wird ignoriert! weitere Beispiele: http://www.adminzone.org/windows-suche.php Beispiele: art:=bild + name:~!web …findet

Windows 10 GodMod

Create a new Folder on Desktop or where ever you want and name it: GodMod.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

jQuery Smooth Auto Scrolling

$(function() { $(‘a[href*=#]:not([href=#])’).click(function() { if ( location.pathname.replace(/^\//, ”) == this.pathname.replace(/^\//, ”) && location.hostname == this.hostname ) { var target = $(this.hash); target = target.length ?

Hardware Setup [WiP]

Internal Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770K HASWELL @ 4x 3.50GHz 16GB DDR3 PC1600 WD RED (3TB), Seagate (2TB), Western Digital (2TB) Sandisk SSD (256GB) + Samsung 850